GeoCache: DNF

DNF!There are games I like such as football. There are games I don’t like, such as checkers and there are games I like that have elements I don’t like, such as geocaching. I started geocaching four months ago and discovered 475 caches in 12 different cities and two states. I love it, but there’s one element that infuriates me. It’s not the scratches, sunburn, bites or heat. The hated element is the dreaded DNF (did not find). Continue reading

GeoCache: Did I Win?

scaleHow do you determine how long something is? How do you determine how fast something is? How do you determine how heavy something is? The short answer is you measure it with a tape, speedometer or scale. This same idea applies to accomplishments. The way you determine how successful something is or how much progress you made is to measure it. A month ago, I established geocaching goals and promised myself I’d measure my game performance. Well, it is report card time and I approach this assessment with the same hesitation I approach a scale on weigh-in day.

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GeoCache: Cost to Play

freeI’ve heard people say, “the best things in life are free”. I don’t necessarily believe that, but I believe everyone loves a freebie. I like free things too, but I don’t like free junk, so as enamored as people (myself included) may be with freebies, I believe you get what you pay for and I also believe my geocaching game is better because I invested a little extra to enhance the game. Every game has a price. Some games, like card games, are cheap. Others, like golf, are expensive. Some games have initial purchase prices and others have continuing costs. Geocaching is my game of choice and it has both.

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GeoCache: Game Goals

calendarI’m a total experience person. That sounds extreme, but I believe anything worth doing is worth doing well. That means if I try something, I immerse myself in it so I can appreciate the whole experience. That’s my attitude in life, career and entertainment. One such hobby that combines life, career and entertainment is geocaching. I started geocaching 22 days ago and enjoy it more now than when I started. Twenty-five caches later, I show no signs of boredom or game fatigue. Since I want to experience more of the game, I decided to set game goals.

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