The winner is…31


It seems like yesterday, but two years ago I received my 4th summons for jury duty. I never served so I was excited at the opportunity to serve on a jury with my peers to assess the plaintiff and defendant’s position.

On that milestone day, I was juror #31 and the legal teams selected 13 jurors, the last of which was 2 jurors ahead of me but the court dismissed me during the screening. Some may call it a near hit or too close for comfort, but I was always a little disappointed.

Today I was juror #31 and either fate, the reprehensible jurors in front of me or the legal team selected me as juror 10 of 13. Now I get the chance to see life from inside the juror’s box.

It wasn’t my Miss America moment, but it’s still an experience worth sharing. However, the judge swore us to secrecy until the jury reaches a verdict so my  juror’s inside-view will have to wait.

Jury is In — Architect is Out

12 AngryFunerals, public speaking, tooth extraction and jury duty are events most people dread. I’m not fond of any of them and experienced each of them except jury duty…until today. Three separate counties called me for jury duty four times in my life. The previous three times, I had excuses that prevented me from serving, but the fourth time (today), I was intrigued and interested in serving. Continue reading