Crazy Inquiry — Questions Architects Ask

questionsWhat do a reporter,  therapist and architect have in common? It’s not salary because reporters get paid by the word, therapists by the hour and architects by the grace of God. It’s not approach because reporters put you on the spot, therapists put you on the clock and architects put you on a pedestal. It’s not vocabulary because reporters write at fifth grade level, therapist dialog with $50 words and architects draw diagrams. It’s not curiosity because reporters want to know where you were and who you talked to, therapists want to know about your family and architects want to know it all.

If it’s not salary, approach or curiosity what is it? They each have jobs that grant them a license to ask deeply personal and often annoying questions.

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Simpler Fi — Always Simple

simpler_fiBack to basics… less is more… write to express not to impress … naturalist thinking … those are all phrases that virtually mean the same thing — keep it simple or as one of my all-time favorite clients so eloquently says, simpler-fi.

I smiled when she said it believing she blundered her words. She’s much smarter than I am, so my ego swelled and I rushed to correct her. Sensing my verbal pounce, she gently shook her head; not out of defiance, but to indicate I misunderstood. Then I realized her murmur was no consonant stutter; it was a timely, clever and deeply meaningful wordplay. To an impressionable and self-proclaimed minimalist like me, it was much more than a spoonerism, twas an inspiring life slogan — simpler-fi! Continue reading

Sustainability — My Self Assessment

sustainable_earthSustainability is not new; it’s not different nor is it reinvented. It feels new because it receives top billing at building trade shows, home improvement magazines and do-it-yourself television programs. You could argue that publicity increased awareness, but true sustainability (not to be confused with the marketing hype) is identical in spirit and practice today as it was in early civilization. Sustainable meant providing for your basic necessities (food, clothing, shelter) with the resources available. Most often, economics drove one’s sustainable lifestyle. The major difference today is sustainable living is a choice whereas it used to be the natural way. Continue reading