Curl Captive

The teacher took a day trip with friends. She was shopping when an elderly lady approached her and asked,

When you go to the hair dresser, what do they call that?” The lady pointed to her hair.

The teacher asked, “Do you mean the style or the color?”

The elder clarified, “What do they call that type of perm.”

Oh“, the teacher replied, “This is not a perm, it is my natural hair.

The old lady called to three of her friends. They gathered around the teacher in awe exclaiming, “That’s natural!”

Prodigy’s Shave

fuzzyLegend suggests one of the oldest professions is the barber. I don’t know how picky ancient people were but modern day people take grooming seriously. All young men reach a maturity where they must shave their face. My grandfather did; my father did and I did because none of us retained facial hair for more than a few months. Someday my son will. I figured it was years away, but today the prodigy shaved and it made me remember my first time. Continue reading