Merry Christmouse

20131225_christmouseEveryone is familiar with the timeless Christmas tale The Night Before Christmas and it’s countless derivations. I’m guilty of creating a few of my own over the years, but 2013 is the first Christmas we experienced a first-hand account of the night before Christmas including a bold mouse.

Twas the night before christmouse

And all thru the house, everyone was sleeping except the rogue mouse.

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Dad Wants a Girl


One of our family friends told us a story about her daughter’s trip to the grocery store with her dad. It’s amazing what a displaced consonant communicates.

Hey mom, Dad was looking @ girls at the grocery store.”

The mother gawked, “He was?

Yes, mom, he said he wants one.”

The mother blurted, “Did he say that?

The daughter responded, “Yes, he wants a black one that smokes!

Wait a minute.” paused the mother, “Did you say girls or grills?”

Power of Kindness

appleKindness is a powerful virtue. Have you ever seen the commercials where one kind act inspires another and another? Before you know it the kindness the first person shared touched a dozen others and returned. I don’t recall the commercial’s product, but the sentiment proves something I’ve always known to be true. Kindness is contagious. Continue reading

Hershey – A Dog U Won’t Understand

dog_understandIt’s extraordinary to observe talent in a young person. If the talented young person is your offspring, it’s even more gratifying. Well, the prodigy earned honors for another poem well-done. The teacher asked the class to write about a topic of their choice. In typical fashion, the prodigy wrote about the family dog and earned an “A” — a grade the family dog never earns. Read more to learn why. Continue reading