Who is Your Architect?

diary Everyone has a story. Whether you’re two or ninety-two, we all have history and experience that makes us who we are and why we are. If you’ve ever spent time waiting in line at a Wal-Mart register you’ve probably heard a few enlightening stories via the talkative extrovert recounting life and family events that shape the person’s unique character and define who they are and how they got here. I have a story too. It might lack the drama of the Wal-Mart extrovert’s experience, but this is who I am and how I got here.

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So U Want 2 Design and Build a House — Survival Tips

tipsNothing in this life is more awe-inspiring or life-altering than the miracle of birth. No other event comes close to creating new life, but building your dream home is similar because it has a profound and life-changing effect on you. Nearly everyone has a budding architect inside them abound with ideas and most of them want to design their dream home. Many people do and they live to tell about it. I’m one of them and these are a few of my survival tips. Continue reading

Architect — Who is The Architect?

architectI am the architect or better known to the blog readers as the prominent poster and creator of the blog content. I started this project because next to marriage and child-rearing, our dream home is the most important event in our lives. I wanted to capture the passion, frustration and sequence as it unfolds. I also expect to have a little fun phrasing events and stories in my dramatic way with complete disregard for proper sentence structure and tasteful humor.