BlogOff: The Nose Knows

Each month the blogosphere hosts a “Let’s Blog Off” event where bloggers across the world write about the same topic on the same day. This month’s topic is “What smell takes you back?

noseI say “red” and you think “valentine“. I say “ladder” and you think “career“. I say “architecture” and you think “autonomy“. Word association is a fascinating game because you never know what words trigger another person’s thoughts. Words are powerful, but sight, sound, touch and smell are equally powerful ways to experience our world. In fact, it was Toucan Sam who encouraged us to follow our nose because it always knows and my nose defines experiences.

  • fresh soil and cedar smell like “peace” because it is the potpourri emanating from our land. I smell it every time I arrive home.
  • acrid, lingering clouds smell “healthy” because that’s the stench hovering around my kid after he consumes excessive fiber.
  • sterile and fresh paint smells like “change” because it’s the smell of every new home we had. New paint smell means a new beginning.
  • stale and musty smells like “independence” and reminds me of my college roommate’s room because he lived by his rules; however unsanitary.
  • musky hay smells like “happiness” and reminds me of our family dog. She sleeps in a hay bed and is always ecstatic to see us, rain or shine.
  • grilled cheese and tomato soup smells like “winter” because that’s what mom made for lunch on cold winter days.

I appreciate this prominent fleshy protuberance in the middle of my face that sits there, unassuming while collecting valuable information about my environment and storing it so I can recall people and places. My nose knows what peace, healthy, change, independence, happiness and winter smell like. What does yours know?

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10 thoughts on “BlogOff: The Nose Knows

  1. That’s an interesting take. I want to make sure that people understand that I do NOT sniff glue and that I am very careful when I work with it, but I’m a woodworker, and I actually like the smell of yellow wood glue! It’s water-based, and I don’t know if it would be injurious to deliberately inhale it, and in any case I’m not looking for a high. I’m just saying that it’s a smell I’ve always enjoyed, probably because it means another project is finally coming together!

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