GeoCache: Techno-Treasure Hunt

Treasure HuntThere’s an old saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Have you ever discovered an old coin or toy someone left behind? Did you consider it junk or a rare find? I remember stumbling upon objects when I was a kid and feeling like I discovered buried treasure – just like a pirate. I’m no pirate (even though I look great in gaucho pants and an eye patch), but the idea of discovering buried treasure is intriguing. Treasure hunting isn’t just a fantasy reserved for pirates because people all over the world bury treasure called geocaches for others to discover and supplement. Intrigued? We are and we’re ready to begin our treasure-seeking journey.

Several months ago, the teacher asked for a gps unit to use for family activities. Our typical family activities involve trips to visit extended family, games, movies, plays and amusement parks. We’re always looking for fresh ideas, so the teacher suggested we try geocaching.

What a novel idea. Who wouldn’t want to search for buried treasure? I’m excited at the prospect, so I purchased a Garmin Dakota 10 (birthday present) for the teacher.

I started researching geocache websites today and asked myself several questions:

What will we find?

Where will we go?

What do we need in our geocache kit?

What will we hide?

Will we like it?

Will we wear matching eye patches?

Stay tuned to learn whether we find buried treasure or buried junk.