BlogOff: Never Say Goodbye

 Each month the blogosphere hosts a “Let’s Blog Off” event where bloggers across the world write about the same topic on the same day. This month’s topic is “Goodbye, Let’s Blog Off…“

That's AllI hate to be cliche’, but all good things come to an end. At the young age of 48, the let’s blogoff community leaves behind 111 of it’s closest friends, and a host of intangibles such as inspiration, thought, debate, whimsy, intrigue, therapy, laughter, confidence and notoriety. Like other long-standing relationships, I assumed lets blogoff would always be here. Did I have a relationship with lets blogoff? In the purest definition, I did. It was an event I embraced, time I enjoyed and experience that changed me.

Let’s blogoff was my mistress because I’d steal time on alternate weekend mornings drafting and editing a post. Then I’d spend Tuesday posting (sometimes writing) and reading posts. Let’s blogoff was my Tuesdays With Morrie.

CPU mistress

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Blogging was as time consuming as it was therapeutic. My architecture life controls my work flow so I can’t simply write and publish a post. I attacked topics like a design problem.

  1. brainstorm ideas
  2. draft multiple articles
  3. critique solutions
  4. select one to develop
  5. design an article

When I finished, I read the post repeatedly to confirm it made sense, was of comfortable length and conveyed my sentiment. Sometimes, I’d rewrite the entire article Tuesday morning before I posted, like a design charrette.

I learned to enunciate when sharing blogoff activity. If a colleague, client or family asked, “What are you doing?” and I answered, “Blogging off.” Their concerned look meant I spoke too rapidly. I graciously corrected myself and said, “Writing stories for my friends.” But I could never convince the requester my flush face, perspiration and shaky hands were a creative brainstorming derivative.

Let’s blogoff encouraged me to change my twitter handle because when I posted my first article, my phat fingers typed the plural version of my handle. I wanted the blogoff crowd to find and follow me on twitter, but twitter limits the number of handle characters, so I couldn’t change it. I blogged under an accidental pseudonym.

Let’s blogoff fueled my ego. Finding my name on the participants list was the Internet equivalent of seeing my name in lights. I was published…I was real…I was known…ok, so I assumed the wrong twitter handle and was known as someone else, but I built someone’s virtual reputation!

Let’s blogoff expanded my vocabulary. I used the term as a noun, verb and adjective. If the badge would not center align, I screamed, “What’s the blogging problem?” If my topic was too lengthy, I blurted, “Shut the blog up!” When inspiration struck, I’d announce, “Blog it!” If someone asked, “What do you want to do?” I’d respond, “Blog off!” It’s true, let’s blogoff expanded my linguistic expression.


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Let’s blogoff inspired me to change my blog platform because the old one wouldn’t paste the table or badge code and the comment system was cumbersome. I changed my platform because I wanted the nifty code-generated table and badge on my website. It wasn’t easy to convert, but I did it! The new platform also streamlined comments. Comments are gifts. When I received a comment notice, I dropped everything to respond. So as I say goodbye to lets blogoff and thank my thoughtful readers, I also say goodbye bad blog, hello good blog and welcome back productivity!

Despite it’s departure, let’s blogoff will always be part of my monthly regimen because I entered a repeating reminder in my Things app but don’t know how to turn it off. Let’s blogoff may be gone, but I’ll see her again twice monthly — even if only in my screen.

Let’s blogoff. Thanks for the memories, the late nights, early mornings, deep thoughts, shared stories and education. I apologetically end with more cliche’. I’m sorry to see it go, but happy to have been a part of it. Now I can spend the time reserved for let’s blogoff articles learning how to cancel Things reminders.

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10 thoughts on “BlogOff: Never Say Goodbye

    • @modernsauce,

      With you leading the way, I’ll join that elite blog party! You create the invite list and I’ll bring the food for thought.

  1. Laughter from relating is the best! Having to explain LetsBlogOff to my friends was truly challenging. It has been a pleasure reading your LetsBlogOff posts and it will be a pleasure reading new posts too. Thank you!

    • @Ginny,
      I entered this addictive behavior about the same time you did for the same reasons. You could say we’re blog buddies. Keep up the good work!

    • @SLS,

      The nostalgia in me won’t allow me to change it immediately. Or is it the technically challenged part of me that won’t allow me to change it?

  2. I enjoyed all of your blog off posts, but I must say you have really outdone yourself with this one! I am going to miss the interaction with other bloggers every two weeks. So many different viewpoints on the same subject were always a heck of a lot of fun. And yours was a wonderfully clear voice to read.

    • @Joe,
      You kept me blogging because your comments confirmed someone was listening (reading) and I always tempered my text with the phrase, “What would Joe do?” We will blog again!

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