Power of Kindness

appleKindness is a powerful virtue. Have you ever seen the commercials where one kind act inspires another and another? Before you know it the kindness the first person shared touched a dozen others and returned. I don’t recall the commercial’s product, but the sentiment proves something I’ve always known to be true. Kindness is contagious.I’m as guilty as the next cynic. I experience bouts of negative feelings, complaints and disgust, not necessarily in that order, but I often remind myself of my good fortune too. On the few occasions, I don’t remind myself, there is always a kind person who reminds me how many good people live on this earth. Here’s just a few that showed me random acts of kindness.

The washer technician who charged us the less expensive homeowner-education-visit instead of the costly service call because he liked our home.

The HVAC technician who offered us a new thermostat at no charge because he believed a previous technician from his company should have identified the problem sooner.

The police officer who didn’t issue a moving violation ticket when I rolled through a stop sign at 2AM because I was honest. He asked if I had a reason for running the stop sign and I said, “not a good one”.

The numerous clients who awarded me a bonus because they believed I gave extra effort and deserved extra pay.

The Canadian geocacher I’ve never met who bought me a Nacho Chip geocoin because I liked his Nacho Chip geocoin.

I can’t imagine what I’ve done to deserve their thoughtful gestures, but I credit the teacher with this good fortune because she has the nice-face discount.

I’m sure I have countless examples where a person showered me with random kindness. All these selfless acts inspire me to return the sentiment. I think it’s already working.

I often hold the door for fellow parishioners entering the church.

I often absorb extra work for clients because they thankfully respect my architecture service.

All these acts are small, but they mean a lot to the recipients. I’m so inspired, I’ll make a mid-year resolution – random acts of kindness.