GeoCache: Anny Part 2


Sequels are rarely as good as the original. Did you honestly think each respective Rocky, Star Wars, or Batman sequel was better than the first one? Sure the continuations had decent plots and notable familiarity which entertained us, but we always admire the original; however, there are exceptions. My geocaching anniversary is one such exception that gets better each year and today I celebrated my 2nd annual geocaching anniversary.

Most anniversaries begin with a gift exchange, confections and an organized celebration. I celebrated my second geocaching anniversary with an impromptu trip to seek three new caches (my gifts) and a look back @ 2013 to admire my progression. Here’s what I did this year.

  • Found = 938; update1291 (+353)
  • Hidden = 2;  update: holding @ 2 (+0)
  • Rate = 2.55 finds/calendar day; update = 1.7569/day (-0.79/day)
  • Most finds/day = 24 on Jan 23, 2013; update: same
  • Most finds/month = 148 in Jun 2012; update: same
  • Longest active streak = 11 straight days geocaching; update: 30 straight days (Aug 2-Aug 31, 2013 to capture virtual souvenirs)
  • Longest inactive streak = 5 straight days without geocaching; update: same (which is a phenomenal stat considering there are no active caches within 10 miles of home)
  • Locations = 2 states, 10 counties, 20 cities; update: I added Nacogdoches and Greune to my city list, but lost track of how many new places I visited.
  • Trackables Logged = 99; update 121 (+22)
  • Trackables Started = 3 (2 disappeared); update: same
  • Event Caches = 3; update = 4
  • CITO Event = 1; update = same
  • Earth Caches = 5; update = 7 (+2)

It’s clear my pace slowed, but my enthusiasm is equally high. Having found most of the caches within a reasonable travel distance, I’m relegated to finding caches during visits to rarely visited areas so I can’t maintain the same pace I once did. Every trip to a new city inspires me to research available caches so I can add to my find list. I have a trip to a third state planned so I can grab the coveted state souvenir, but that will have to wait for the next anniversary. Now it’s time for those confections.