GeoCache — Gotcha!

You may remember my article about a geocache DNF. For those who need a refresher it means I searched for a cache but did not find it. The only thing worse is failureX2 or the repeat search with the same not found result. When I don’t find a cache, I’m reluctant to return because I don’t want a second disappointment but I can’t stand not finding one others have found. It’s a no-win situation unless you return and actually FIND the cache. I call this phenomenon the Gotcha!

Allow me to paint the picture. I visited a local park twice and failed to find several caches All were located within a mile of each other. Three located in the park and the fourth located across the street in a church parking lot. I scheduled a trip to the area to review a construction project and decided to seek the evasive caches again.

Let me qualify this trip by admitting I set low expectations but was hopeful I’d find one of the ornery bastards. It was a perfect fall day, overcast, humid and a light drizzle. Even if I didn’t find the caches it was one of those days you remember because it felt perfect.

I parked in the church parking lot and followed the GPS signal to the first of 4 caches. It was called a park-n-grab because it’s located within reach of a parking place. There was a muggle (non-geocacher) parked near the hiding spot eating his lunch. I ignored him and immediately spotted an unusual rock i didn’t see when I looked the first time. I grabbed it and discovered a small container (like a hypodermic needle tip) inserted into the bottom of the fake rock. It was the cache that previously eluded me. I struggled to extract the log, but eventually did, signed the log and announced to myself, “I’m batting 1000!”

Next stop, the park where 3 previously unfound caches lay waiting to ruin my day. This search required a hike so I parked the car, marked my way point (starting point so I can return to my car) and disappeared into the woods. To make a long story short, I found the remaining three quite easily including the last one that required me to climb a huge, moss-covered oak tree.

It was a good day to do anything. It would have been a good day to search and not find the caches, but it was an especially rewarding day to seek and find so I can say Gotcha!