Dog Days – The Better

Sometimes life is like the weather. If you don’t like it wait and it will change. Today is a different dog day and different dog story.

I awoke like normal and waited until closer to sunrise. Ever since Hershey’s been sick, I like morning light to help me track her so she doesn’t wander during the walk.

She walked slowly but confidently. We walked about 2 miles. I served her breakfast and one of her new pills which I deemed “happy” pills because she’s happier and so are we.

She’s been in the house most of the day except when we left for a morning appointment and when we ate dinner.

Prognosis: She is alert, frequently wags her tail, follows intently, she goes outside when we ask and “does her business”. There’s no more pacing, stumbling or confusion.

It was good to have a happy dog day.