I Fought the Wall 2 — Who Won?

wall_95A picture is worth a thousand words. Since most of the words I spouted while building my address wall are unfit for family print, I’ll spare you the drama and me the embarrassment with a simple blog entry that includes two descriptive pictures. The first image is my concept drawing — vision of the finished product. It’s inspired, precise and crafty. The second is my 95% completion photo. It’s hearty, natural, and has character. Everything in between the two is history and will remain between me and the astonished wildlife.

These pictures illustrate my concept for the wall and the actual wall minus only the capstones. It’s clear to see from the drawing and photo, I did it. What is not clear is at what financial and physical cost and ego gain. The photo log shows a few steps in between. To put it bluntly, everything was harder than I thought; it took longer than I planned; it hurt more than I imagined, but I learned a great deal from my wall building experience. I certainly learned enough to know how to do it again and reasons not to try it again. Gazing on the finished product now, I remember what an old Japanese man told me before I climbed Mount Fuji. He said, “If you never climb Mt Fuji you are a fool, and if you climb it more than once you are a bigger fool.”