Towel Bar Trauma 4 — Never Gets Old

towelbar_4Trends…Historians study them, financial markets count on them, sports teams create them and like it or not all of us live among trends. It’s been nine months since my last towel bar trauma. Towel bar failure is such an integral part of our lives that no one frets it anymore. I know it’s going to happen and the prodigy knows what to do. We are so desensitized to it that we assume our positions, repair the bar and wait until next time.

You may remember I questioned the prodigy about previous towel bar debacles and he always explained his reasons, but after you’ve been through this three — no four — times questions and reasons don’t matter anymore. All that matters is repair and “on with your life” so we displaced dialog with actions.

The prodigy murmured, “It happened again.”

I didn’t have to ask what happened. I knew where he was and recognized the tone. I simply exhaled deeply.

He interpreted that and waltzed his naked body to the tool drawer and brought all the necessary tools.

At one point, I contemplated a lecture, but neither one of us needed it.

He got dressed and the teacher helped me secure it temporarily. Later, I bought new parts in preparation for Towel Bar Trauma 5.

An unobservant person might perceive this as complacency, but I call it synergy because we worked together effortlessly and finished the repair faster than we could individually. How’s that for a trend? I hope I don’t have to write a Towel Bar Trauma 5, but something tells me the towel bar sequel is too powerful to subside. Stay tuned.