ProdigyTalk — Traffic Control


The prodigy walks to the teacher’s classroom everyday after school.

One day he noticed signs the teacher uses to control classroom activities that read “quiet“, “no talking” and “line-up here“.

The prodigy ruffled through them and asked if the teacher uses them.

Yes.“, the teacher replied.

The prodigy asked, “Do you wave them around like an air traffic controller?”

The teacher laughed & the prodigy chided, “I still claim you as my favorite teacher but you make me feel like an insurance agent & you are a drunk driver.

GeoCache — Gotcha!

You may remember my article about a geocache DNF. For those who need a refresher it means I searched for a cache but did not find it. The only thing worse is failureX2 or the repeat search with the same not found result. When I don’t find a cache, I’m reluctant to return because I don’t want a second disappointment but I can’t stand not finding one others have found. It’s a no-win situation unless you return and actually FIND the cache. I call this phenomenon the Gotcha! Continue reading