GeoCache: Anny Part 2


Sequels are rarely as good as the original. Did you honestly think each respective Rocky, Star Wars, or Batman sequel was better than the first one? Sure the continuations had decent plots and notable familiarity which entertained us, but we always admire the original; however, there are exceptions. My geocaching anniversary is one such exception that gets better each year and today I celebrated my 2nd annual geocaching anniversary. Continue reading

Merry Christmouse

20131225_christmouseEveryone is familiar with the timeless Christmas tale The Night Before Christmas and it’s countless derivations. I’m guilty of creating a few of my own over the years, but 2013 is the first Christmas we experienced a first-hand account of the night before Christmas including a bold mouse.

Twas the night before christmouse

And all thru the house, everyone was sleeping except the rogue mouse.

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GeoCache: Adventure Anniversary

travelbugOne year ago today, the teacher introduced our family to a game she chose for an occasional family outing. The family still plays, but the extremist in our family (me) evolved this game into a way of life. That game is the worldwide phenomenon called geocaching. Nine hundred and thirty eight (938) finds later, I’m as enamored with the game as I was after the first find. Continue reading

GeoCache: GPS vs. iPhone

JugglerPeople always want what they can’t have. Then when they get what they want, they often realize they always had everything they needed. I wanted an apple iphone for years, but couldn’t afford it. This month, I justified the iphone purchase because I anticipated the miraculous iphone would replace other gadgets, such as my former Kyocera cell phone, Kodak digital camera, Garmin windshield GPS, and Garmin handheld GPS. I’m disappointed to admit my new iphone challenges some of those devices, but hasn’t replaced any of them. The one I’m most surprised about is the handheld GPS.

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