BlogOff: Privacy – Mind or Matter?

Each month the blogosphere hosts a “Let’s Blog Off” event where bloggers across the world write about the same topic on the same day. This month’s topic is “Privacy – What is It?”

Architecture is primarily a visual art; however, it involves significant dialog interpretation. The problem with dialog is the words people say have different meaning than the words people hear. When I design for clients, I learn to screen dialog for “relative” words. Relative words are those with unique and personal meaning, such as “simple”, “small”, “colorful” and “private”. Relative words are precisely why I ask clients to share pictures to describe spaces they like because words like “simple” and “private” look much different than they sound and I have to convert those desires into architectural spaces. Continue reading

Crazy Inquiry — Questions Architects Ask

questionsWhat do a reporter,  therapist and architect have in common? It’s not salary because reporters get paid by the word, therapists by the hour and architects by the grace of God. It’s not approach because reporters put you on the spot, therapists put you on the clock and architects put you on a pedestal. It’s not vocabulary because reporters write at fifth grade level, therapist dialog with $50 words and architects draw diagrams. It’s not curiosity because reporters want to know where you were and who you talked to, therapists want to know about your family and architects want to know it all.

If it’s not salary, approach or curiosity what is it? They each have jobs that grant them a license to ask deeply personal and often annoying questions.

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ArchiTips — Architect Secrets

seeno_evilIs your architect a mystery? The entertainment industry loves architects and routinely casts key characters as an architect. Don’t believe me? Look at all the movies which cast the architect as a primary character. The Brady Bunch, Three Men and A Baby, One Fine Day, The Lake House, Sleepless in Seattle, Death Wish, Seinfeld, There’s Something About Mary,  plus too many others to mention here. And don’t forget the dubious Howard Roark from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. Media and America love the architect character. The problem is the architect never behaves like an architect, so you get little insight into the architect’s thoughts, behavior or challenges. So I decided to reveal a few (but not all) architect secrets. Continue reading

Who is Your Architect?

diary Everyone has a story. Whether you’re two or ninety-two, we all have history and experience that makes us who we are and why we are. If you’ve ever spent time waiting in line at a Wal-Mart register you’ve probably heard a few enlightening stories via the talkative extrovert recounting life and family events that shape the person’s unique character and define who they are and how they got here. I have a story too. It might lack the drama of the Wal-Mart extrovert’s experience, but this is who I am and how I got here.

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