Merry Christmouse

20131225_christmouseEveryone is familiar with the timeless Christmas tale The Night Before Christmas and it’s countless derivations. I’m guilty of creating a few of my own over the years, but 2013 is the first Christmas we experienced a first-hand account of the night before Christmas including a bold mouse.

Twas the night before christmouse

And all thru the house, everyone was sleeping except the rogue mouse.

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Halloween — Ambivalent Spook

pumpkinHalloween is fast approaching. it’s one of those meaningless celebrations I remember fondly from my youth. I often planned my costume months in advance anticipating a giant bounty. As adults retelling our Halloween past, we exaggerate how far we walked, the volume of candy collected and the amount of fear we imposed on neighbors and anyone younger than we were. And we always walked farther and collected more than anyone else telling their story (our respective version of barefoot…in the snow…and up hill both ways). Like other seasonal celebrations, Halloween bridges generations and I’ve enjoyed watching the prodigy celebrate Halloween, but I noticed the past two years, it’s been harder to gauge his interest. Is this our last youthful Halloween celebration? Continue reading

Luck O the Irish — Not Hershey

cloverSt. Patrick’s Day has special meaning for our family. My descendants were instrument-toting members in St. Patrick’s legendary snake raid. During my college years I religiously celebrated with green eggs and ham at an infamous eatery. In 1994, I proposed to the teacher (who accepted). Every year between and since we found a party or created a party to celebrate what St. Patrick’s Day meant to us or symbolized for us. But in 2009, I spent St. Patrick’s Day with the veterinarian. Continue reading

Christmas Time — The Sign

treeWhat do you remember most about your Christmases past? How did you know when it was Christmas time and when did you begin feeling excited? Was it around Thanksgiving when your parents started using Santa for behavioral modification? Was it the first time you actually saw Santa on the street? Was it your first familiar Christmas tune or when you decorated your home for the holidays? For me it was the seasonal changes, the obvious store advertising, music on the radio and the decor, but no element symbolized Christmas more than the antique Christmas tree. Continue reading