ProdigyTalk – Personal Tutor


I think the prodigy paid me the ultimate compliment today. He said he needed me.

He sent me a message asking me to help him brainstorm an idea for his school assignment. We are crafting a letter to an historical figure and his proposed response.

At the end of his message he reminded me “Math tutoring begins @ 8.”

His final sentence made me laugh because he told me what time I’m supposed to start helping him with his math homework.

Ok, that message might not say “I need you, dad“, but that’s my interpretation.

I’ll be there!

Prodigy’s Shave

fuzzyLegend suggests one of the oldest professions is the barber. I don’t know how picky ancient people were but modern day people take grooming seriously. All young men reach a maturity where they must shave their face. My grandfather did; my father did and I did because none of us retained facial hair for more than a few months. Someday my son will. I figured it was years away, but today the prodigy shaved and it made me remember my first time. Continue reading