About Wishing Rock

Wishing Rock and Smacking tree. It’s more than a title, it’s a philosophy.

Wishing Rock is about dreaming the dream. Smacking tree is about the obstacles overcome pursuing achievement. This site is about each of those and neither of them.

If you’re looking for answers, keep looking. This blog promises you no education, entertainment, insight or advice. If you’re lucky, or at the very least a compulsive link hopper, it might provide an interesting link somewhere else on the web.

Like the Seinfeld TV series, It’s a blog devoted to nothing. It provides little truth, introspective humor, mild fantasy and mostly mindless musings designed more to nourish the author’s ego than anything else.

This Internet medium may accidentally provide the creative outlet for one of several books I plan to write sometime in the next decade or inadvertently inspire a plagiarist who is more motivated than I am. In fact, most of the blog categories are burgeoning book titles poised to blossom into some mediocre compliation of unrelated stores that no self-respecting reader would peruse.

Nevertheless, some of these stories are based on truth, but names are disguised to protect the shy, easily embarrassed or the characters large or malicious enough to retaliate either physically, texturally or legally.

Your categories – The marketing titles, random plots and cheesy bylines:
70 mph Thoughts presents a series of random thoughts or antecdotes racing through an unfocused mind in pre-sunrise commuter traffic.

Big Houses, Small Minds critiques the soulless mcmansion architecture of affluent communities and the ignorant decisions behind them.

Distant Thoughts From a Distant Mind offers random, peculiar or disturbing musings about nothing in particular preserved in the original inspiration and context.

Two Chicks Fishing in Flannel is a collection of sober events and misrepresented tales as repeated through a satirist’s eyes.

Warm Bread, Cold Butter is a feel good remembrance of the architect and teacher raising or being raised by the prodigy.

Wishing Rock — The Idea is a daily journal charting our design story from land purchase to builder selection.

Wishing Rock — The Build is a daily journal following our home building journey from builder selection to move-in.

Wishing rock — The Life is the home in motion or our daily interaction with this spectacular place made by us for us.

Your cast – The personality behind the prose:
The senior member and primary contributor is architext, a sarcastic architect with creative drive and dry wit.

The teacher is a reserved, quiet type who prefers reading to posting and is notorious for eye-rolling during over-the-shoulder reviews with the architect at the keyboard.

The prodigy is the subject and often the inspiration behind the best posts and times of our lives.

Enter this blog receiving no promises and leave with no regrets. With expectations like those, you’ll appreciate this blog as much as we do.

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