Architect Changes His Spots

leopardI’ve heard a leopard cannot change his spots, but an architect can change the color of his house. I don’t know where the leopard idiom originated, but I know where the architect phrase originated. It’s an absolute in every architect-designed home, every architect-remodeled home and every home an architect ever lived in. Our architect-designed and architect-inhabited home is no exception. After five years of living, WishingRock is slowly changing colors like the seasons. Continue reading

Towel Bar Trauma 4 — Never Gets Old

towelbar_4Trends…Historians study them, financial markets count on them, sports teams create them and like it or not all of us live among trends. It’s been nine months since my last towel bar trauma. Towel bar failure is such an integral part of our lives that no one frets it anymore. I know it’s going to happen and the prodigy knows what to do. We are so desensitized to it that we assume our positions, repair the bar and wait until next time. Continue reading

Sustainable Upgrade – Part 4

su_4Home improvement hath no fury like an architect with a successful project. I fear for myself and anyone near me because my kitchen backsplash project is a spectacular success and contagious¬† successes of this sort spur bigger and more complicated follow-on projects. I’m invincible and in the wake of a marvelous project, I’m abound with ideas to further improve my built environment. If you behold my kitchen’s glass mosaic glory you would encourage me to build again and build often. Those familiar with my home improvement mishaps read this in total disbelief, but enjoy my well-orchestrated project and weep with joy because today the architect triumphed! Continue reading