ProdigyTalk — Dog Talk


We were relaxing with the dog. She was chewing a hoof. She licked it and flipped a chunk of the hoof which landed directly in my mouth.

I spit and exclaimed, “That’s gross!” My outburst aroused the dog for a moment but she settled down to resume her chew.

I resumed the conversation and the teacher interrupted me to ask, “Are you sure you should talk around the dog?”

I remarked, “She’s facing the other way. Are you saying that because you don’t want me to talk?”

The teacher denied it, but chuckled. I turned to the prodigy and thanked him for letting me talk around him and he said, “I’m glad she said it so I don’t have to.”

Hershey – A Dog U Won’t Understand

dog_understandIt’s extraordinary to observe talent in a young person. If the talented young person is your offspring, it’s even more gratifying. Well, the prodigy earned honors for another poem well-done. The teacher asked the class to write about a topic of their choice. In typical fashion, the prodigy wrote about the family dog and earned an “A” — a grade the family dog never earns. Read more to learn why. Continue reading