Prodigy Talk — Long Weekend


The teacher purchased cookie dough from a fund-raising group at school.

The prodigy noticed the cookie dough sitting in the freezer and asked, “Are you going to make cookies this weekend?”

The teacher sighed and replied, “Probably not this weekend.”

The prodigy quickly asked, “Are you sure?, It’s a long weekend.”

The teacher made cookies!

ProdigyTalk — No Movie


Last weekend the teacher & I decided to go see a movie. As usual, we invited the prodigy to join us, but he declined.

I remembered something I needed to do while I was getting ready and I walked by his room in my underwear.

He spotted me and asked, “Are you going to the movie like that?”

No.” I replied, “But is that why you are not going?”

He smirked, “No, but that would be a reason not to go.”

ProdigyTalk — Traffic Control


The prodigy walks to the teacher’s classroom everyday after school.

One day he noticed signs the teacher uses to control classroom activities that read “quiet“, “no talking” and “line-up here“.

The prodigy ruffled through them and asked if the teacher uses them.

Yes.“, the teacher replied.

The prodigy asked, “Do you wave them around like an air traffic controller?”

The teacher laughed & the prodigy chided, “I still claim you as my favorite teacher but you make me feel like an insurance agent & you are a drunk driver.