Open House — Showing It Off

openRealtors, house flippers, spec home builders and homeowners do it. It’s called an open house and anyone in the real estate industry knows it is a sales event designed to pique interest in a property with the hopes of making the sale. My builder hosts an open house party for every client. He’s not interested in selling their house, he’s interested in selling himself. Ours was number 256, or there about, in his long list of houses completed the last 10 years. For our open house he scheduled a half day event at our house and invited all former clients, friends, family and industry professionals to see his recently completed house and indulge in finger food, cold drinks and company. During his most successful open house events, 100-200 people may visit the home. It’s an entertaining social event for his customers and a great business opportunity for him. Something tells me our home was a little different. Continue reading

Final Punch — The Dot Polka

dotsOh-no, I’m seeing spots! What’s happening to me? It started with a few and I ignored them at first, but they multiplied. Small fluorescent pink, yellow, orange and green dots appeared everywhere…doors, windows, walls, ceilings and fixtures. It’s as if someone blinded me with repeated flash bulb shots aimed directly in my eyes. Could it be the stressure (my word for stress-born pressure) of this home construction is affecting my sanity? No, that’s not it. It’s coming to me now…I’ve seen this before…this isn’t an insanity delusion, it’s the final punchout. Continue reading

Oz — Hidden Potential

ozIt’s been said, by someone wiser than I am, that we all have hidden potential and it may take an unexpected challenging event to reveal it to us. Perhaps the quintessential example of this is the Wizard of Oz where a homeless farmgirl guides a brainless scarecrow, heartless tin man and gutless lion on a quest to find a desired something each of them already had — their hidden potential. Continue reading